Table of Contents


The Tapping Trend

Meet The TapMeister

Tapping For Kids

Chapter 1: Welcome to The TapMeister’s Palace Of Possibilities For Kids

Tapping For Kids PlayShop

A Palace Orientation Tour

Chapter 2: The Energy Room – Ground Floor

The Body’s Energy System

Building An Energy Ball

Energy and Emotions

“I Am a Ball of Energy”

Chapter 3: The Activation Room – 1st Floor

Magic Wands and Happy Button Activations

Tapping Points Rhyme – “The Happy Button Rap!”

Chapter 4: The Dial Up Room – 2nd Floor

Making a Feelings Dial

Chapter 5: The Anger Workout Room – 3rd Floor

Exercise: An Anger Workout

“Tuning in” to Anger

Getting an Anger Rating

The “Set Up”

The Anger Workout Tapping Script

Getting A Post Tapping Anger Rating

Second Round of Tapping

Chapter 6: The Worry Workout Room – 4th Floor

Exercise: A Big Green Bag Full of Worries

“Tuning in” to Your Worries

Getting a Worry Rating

The Worry Workout Tapping Script

The Post Tapping Worry Rating

Chapter 7: The Sadness Workout Room – 5th Floor

Exercise: The Sadness Workout

“Tuning in” To Something Sad

The Sadness Workout Tapping Script

The Post Tapping Sadness Rating

Chapter 8: The Esteem Generator Room – 6th Floor

How To Become Your Own Esteem Generator

High Self Esteem Vs Low Self Esteem

The Esteem Generator Tapping Script

Chapter 9: The Practice Room – 7th Floor

The Magic Formula For Feeling Better

Problems Are Like Puzzles

Practice Tapping Everyday

Try It On Everything!

“The Everyday Tap Rap!”

Bed Time Tapping

Teaching Other To Tap

Tapping Circles & Tapping Buddies

Sharing Your Tapping Stories

Chapter 10: The Graduation Room – 8th Floor

The Graduation Ceremony

A Graduation Surprise!

Kids Tapping Survival Pack

Kids Tapping Poster

Kids Tapping Audio CD

Kids Tapping Circle/Tapping Buddy Start Up Guide

Kids Tapping Tips Page

Graduation After Party!

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Angie Muccillo
Author of Tapping For Kids
Advanced EFT Practitioner
Melbourne, Australia

+61417 391 055