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Excerpt from “The EFT Palace Of Possibilities Presents Tapping For Kids” by Angie Muccillo

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This is a story about the learning adventures of a group of kids aged 7 to 11 who visit the world famous EFT Palace of Possibilities. The Palace is a purpose built multilevel healing High-Rise where kids go to learn the tips, tricks and tools of the EFT tapping trade- a popular new kids ‘movement’ taking the world by surprise!

The Tapping Trend..

The tapping trade is a new and growing trend with many kids these days. Every day more and more kids like you are discovering they have the inbuilt ability to change how they feel, anytime they want to, simply by ‘mastering the art’ of tapping – a most handy skill, that no kid should be without!!

Meet the TapMeister


Palace Guide and Care Taker, Meister Tapper, also known as the TapMeister, has been teaching kids how to tap for over 5 years now. The TapMeister is well known in Palace circles for his skill and dedication in teaching kids how to turn upset feelings into peace, calm and happiness. The TapMeister is very excited about sharing with you, all the tips, tricks and tools of the tapping trade!

Tapping for Kids

The TapMeister teaches that the trick to feeling happy and calm is to tap anytime you feel hurt, lonely, sad or angry. At the Palace of Possibilities you will learn that by tapping “Magic Happy Buttons” on your body using “Magical Wands” at your fingertips, all the upset inside just vanishes and you can get on with playing, having FUN and feeling happy, peaceful and calm again. Just what being a kid is all about, yes?

Finger Tapping Fun!

‘Finger Tapping Fun!’ is the official Palace Theme Song. It’s quite catchy, so you might find yourself clapping or tapping along to it every now and then. Here’s how it goes..

“Rap a tap tapping
With my fingers
Rap a tap tapping
On my face
Rap a tap tapping
Is energizing!
And helps me find
My happy place!

Rap a tap tapping
With my fingers
Rap a tap tapping
On my face
Rap a tap tapping
Is calming
And helps me find
My peaceful space!”

Would YOU like to master the art of tapping?


Are you ready to join the tapping trend?


Join the TapMeister and you too can become part of this popular kids “movement” towards peace and calm.


The TapMeister has plenty of surprises for YOU!

Chapter 1:

Welcome to the TapMeister’s Palace of Possibilities For Kids!

“Welcome girls and boys to the Palace of Possibilities

With a warm glowing smile Meister Tapper swings open the door of the Palace of Possibilities and ushers in all the kids who are arriving in anticipation for today’s EFT tapping lesson.

“It is with great pleasure that I welcome all of you to this very fine Palace. Since opening its doors 12 months ago, the Palace has been a true hub of energy and excitement for thousands of kids, all keen to be part of the tapping trend. I am most delighted to have you here today to share with you, all that the Palace of Possibilities has to offer.”

“Come on, let’s see what this tapping trade is all about shall we?”

Tapping for Kids Playshop

All the kids here today have signed up for the TapMeister’s “Tapping For Kids” Playshop, an exciting new program where kids learn how to tap into their inner ‘magic’ powers to experience more fun and happiness.

In this Playshop the TapMeister will lead the kids on a fascinating journey as he explains exactly how EFT works as well as how to do EFT and when to use it! By the end of today’s Playshop the kids will have learnt all the basics of how to tap away their inner troubles using the magic of EFT!

The kids can hardly wait to awaken their inner magical powers!

Imagine being able to go from sad to happy, angry to calm, worried to relaxed, all at the press of a “magic button” or two!

A Palace Orientation Tour

“Before we start on our journey let me tell you a little bit about the different rooms inside the Palace. These are specially designed rooms, boys and girls, for learning the tips, tricks and tools of the tapping trade. Each room has it’s own unique purpose and fun lesson to help you learn the art of tapping.”

“Here’s a map of the palace with the name of each room and what floor it is on. There are 8 floors all of which are easily accessible by lift. The Palace Elevator will be our means of transport to the upper floors.”

“The Ground Floor is known as The Energy Room where you will learn all about how your body’s energy system works.”

“The 1st Floor contains The Activation Room where you will activate your inner powers by learning where to find your Magic Happy Buttons”

“The 2nd Floor is home to The Dial Up Room where you will learn to make a special dial to help you call up your feelings”

“The 3rd Floor houses The Anger Workout Room, where you will learn how to ‘workout’ your anger”

“The 4th Floor houses The Worry Workout Room, where you will learn how to ‘workout’ your worries”

“The 5th Floor is home to The Sadness Workout Room, where you will learn how to ‘workout’ your sadness”

“The 6th Floor is home to The Esteem-Generator Room, where you will learn to become your own ‘esteem generator'”

“The 7th Floor contains The Practice Room, where you will learn how to practice using your inner powers everyday”

“The 8th Floor is on the Top Floor which is home to The Graduation Room, where you will get your certificate for participating in the Playshop.

Our first stop today will be “The Energy Room.” It is the foundation upon which the Palace is built and therefore it is on the Ground Floor of this Palace High-Rise. It is on the ground floor that we must first enter to make sure you get all the basics before moving up to the next floor.

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Melbourne, Australia

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