Kids Tapping Quiz

How well do you know the tips, tricks and tools of the tapping trade?

If you have read “Tapping For Kids” test your tapping knowledge by doing this quiz. It’s great re-vision too! If you feel nervous about taking this test, you know what to do!! Tap!

This is an “open book test.” Take as long as you like to do it and refer to the book to find the answers. The answers are at the end of the quiz. Read the book, print out the test and take the tapping quiz challenge!


Circle the correct answer

1. The Palace of Possibilities is:

a) a multilevel healing high rise
b) a place where kids learn to tap dance
c) a place where kids learn about tapping
d) Both A and C

2. The tapping trend is:

a) A new tap dance
b) A trendy new way to feel calm
c) An EFT movement for kids
d) Both B and C

3. The TapMeister :

a) Is the Caretaker of the Palace of Possibilities
b) Teaches kids how to turn upset feelings into peace and calm
c) Runs Tapping For Kids Playshops
d) All of the above

4. According to the TapMeister, the trick to feeling happy is:

a) To tap anytime you feel hurt, angry, lonely, sad, upset or worried
b) Eating lots of chocolate
c) Tapping your magic happy buttons with the magical wands at your fingertips
d) Both A and C

5. Tapping can help:

a) Upset feelings to vanish
b) Change upset feelings into happier feelings
c) Both A and B

6. The Energy Room is on:

a) The 1st Floor
b) The 2nd floor
c) The Ground floor
d) The top floor

7. Chi is the Chinese word for

a) Invisible energy
b) Energy flow
c) Happiness
d) Both A and B

8. Meridians are :

a) Funny squiggly lines
b) Power poles
c) Channels in the body that energy runs through

9. When you are scared or angry the energy in your body

a) Gets stuck
b) Is blocked
c) Freezes up
d) All of the above

10. When you are happy and relaxed the energy in your body

a) Moves freely
b) Jumps around everywhere
c) Gets confused
d) Flows smoothly
e) Both A and D

11. Energy flows more smoothly when

a) I’m feeling happy
b) I’m feeling scared
c) I’m feeling worried
d) I’m feeling angry

12. Happy buttons are:

a) Found on the body
b) Another name for EFT tapping points
c) Tapped on to unblock stuck energy
d) All of the above

13. The Karate Chop point is found

a) On the top of the head
b) Under the eye
c) On the side of the hand
d) Under the arm

14. The Tarzan Thump is found

a) On the side of the eye
b) Under the nose
c) On the chin
d) At the centre of the chest

15. What is it important to do after each round of tapping?

a) Take a deep breath in and out
b) Take a post tapping rating
c) Do nothing
d) Both A and B

16. In the tapping trade, what is the name given to the device used to measure the temperature of feelings?

a) Thermometer
b) Feel-o-meter
c) Tapometer
d) Odometer

17. In the tapping trade “Tuning in” means:

a) Daydreaming
b) Thinking about a problem
c) Watching a movie on TV
d) Listening to the radio

18. In the tapping trade a “Set Up”

a) Is a description of the problem
b) Helps focus on the problem
c) Is done while tapping on the karate chop
d) All of the above

19. A second round of tapping is done:

a) When some of the upset feeling is still there
b) When someone tells you to do it
c) When all the upset is gone
d) When you can’t tune in to the problem

20. Tapping helps you to feel:

a) Better
b) Lighter
c) More calm and relaxed
d) Happier
e) Less worried
f) All of the above

21. High self esteem is

a) Feeling good about yourself
b) Feeling unhappy
c) Liking who you are
d) Both A and C

22. Low Self esteem is

a) Liking who you are
b) Feeling unhappy
c) Feeling bad about yourself
d) Both B and C
23. What happens to your self esteem when people call you names like “lazy”:

a) Self esteem goes up
b) Self esteem goes down
c) Feel bad about myself
d) Both B and C

24. In the tapping trade, the trick to having high self esteem is to:

a) Tap on all the words that make self esteem go down
b) Replace them with words that make you feel better
c) Tap on unhappy feelings
d) All of the above

25. What is the name of the formula the TapMeister uses to help kids remember how to tap?

a) The Magic Wands Formula
b) The Happy Button Formula
c) The Magic Formula For Feeling Better
d) The Tapping Recipe

26 According to the TapMeister “problems are like….”

a) Magnets
b) Puzzles
c) Jigsaws
d) Erasers

27. The TapMeister encourages kids to “try EFT on everything” True or False

28. Bed time tapping helps kids to

a) Sleep better
b) Wake up feeling happier
c) Wake up feeling more energized
d) All of the above

29. A tapping circle is

a) A group of kids who play together
b) Tapping while running around in circles
c) When 2 or more people get together to tap
d) None of the above

30. What does the TapMeister give to all the kids when they graduate:

a) A kids Tapping Survival Pack
b) A Palace of Possibilities certificate
c) Cake and biscuits
d) Both A and B


1d 2d 3d 4d 5c 6c 7d 8c 9d 10e 11a 12d 13c 14d 15d 16b 17b 18d 19a 20f 21d 22d 23d 24d 25c 26b 27 true 28d 29c 30d