The Imaginary Tapping Technique For Kids

by Angie Muccillo © 2009

What is Imaginary Tapping?

“Imaginary tapping” is a useful technique children can use when they are in a situation where they are not physically able to tap, for instance during an activity where it is impractical to tap or in public where they may not want to be seen tapping.

Instead of physically tapping children can just think about the problem and at the same time imagine they are tapping by visualizing the tapping points.

How to Use Imaginary Tapping

“Imaginary tapping” is simply done by visualizing the tapping points without actually tapping on them. The easiest way to do this is to imagine each tapping point “lighting up”. Your child may come up with their own alternative imaginative method.  Children have wonderful imaginations, so allowing them to choose a method that appeals to them can be very empowering and allows them to more readily remember it. Instead of “lighting up”, your child may choose to imagine that the tapping points open up like flowers or that they open like a door. Talk to your child about how they want to visualize their tapping points.

When To Use “Imaginary Tapping”

As an example a child sitting in a dentist’s chair may experience discomfort, anxiety, fear etc during the procedure.  Without using words or set ups the child can simply imagine the tapping points while they feel upset. This is a very handy self calming method that can be used in the moment while experiencing the actual trauma.

How To Practice Imaginary Tapping

This technique whilst simple may require reinforcement at first. Practice and encourage “imaginary tapping ” with your child around the home so they can get used to the technique and this will help them remember how to do it when they are out and about.

Sit down and discuss with your child beforehand the types of circumstances where they may use this technique such as, during a game, in the change rooms before a race, around an animal that scares them, in the classroom, during a test etc The possibilities are endless!

Use gentle reminders. If you know your child is heading off to an activity where they could become upset remind them they have the ability to help themselves calm down by using “imaginary tapping”.

Why Use Imaginary Tapping?

This simple tapping variation is as effective as actually tapping the points and can broaden a child’s use of EFT. It can be used as an “emergency” procedure to help children calm down in moments of stress. This is an “in the moment” tapping technique which gives children the opportunity to tap there and then when the negative emotions are being experienced.

My thanks goes to the parent who purchased Tapping For Kids and who asked a question about this topic and raised the subject of what to do when her daughter is in a situation where she is not able to tap. If you have read the book and have any questions or topics you’d like to discuss please feel free to send me an email at


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