EFT Helping Kids With Cancer

This video Empowering The Lives of Children presented by The Tappy Bear Foundation features the work of dedicated EFT Practitioner Deborah Miller who uses the EFT Tappy Bear with children in a cancer ward of a hospital in Mexico. The results of Deborah’s onsite program within the hospital has been nothing short of amazing and due to its incredible popularity and success in helping children feel better and cope with the many challenges they face,  the Director of the hospital’s oncology department has asked to make this program a permanent service in the cancer ward.

Watch this video to see how Tappy Bear becomes a comforting presence in the lives of these children. Commentary by Dr. Patricia Carrington.

The Tappy Bear Foundation is now seeking help for continuing programs like this one which will bring much needed assistance to children and their families. Click here for more information about Tappy Bear and The Tappy Bear Foundation.