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I am pleased to announce that Tapping For Kids – A Children’s Guide To EFT will be available from the 1st December 2008 and is a perfect Christmas present for the children in your life!

You can pre-order the eBook or Paperback today!

Tapping For Kids is available for purchase online though DragonRising Publishing.

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Here is a review from an 8 year old reader..

“I liked how the book used songs to help you remember the Happy Buttons. I also love how the children in the book travel the 8 floors and each of the floors have a special activity for you to do or something to learn about tapping. I already now a little bit about tapping, but now I know alot more and it seems like more fun and something easy to do on your own” Antonia S, Nth Dandenong VIC

Angie Muccillo
Author of Tapping For Kids
Advanced EFT Practitioner
Melbourne, Australia

+61417 391 055