EFT World Magazine Autumn Issue

The Autumn edition of the EFT World Magazine is out now. My article “Empowering Kids To Tap On Their Own” is featured in this issue.

By Editor Gary Williams

The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
The Autumn Edition

Another great issue of EFT World for you, featuring a new book on EFT called “EFT for Dummies” reviewed by Prof Tam Llewellyn-Edwards, EFT Master, EFT Honors Certificate.

Also Angie Muccillo Author of “Tapping For Kids” talks about empowering kids to tap on their own. EFT is such a powerful tool for kids and some say that our children are our greatest teachers.

One of their strengths when very young is the fearless ability to get in there and have a go, something we may lose as we get older and more self-conscious.

Our culture tends to disapprove of making mistakes, but we can really learn and get to know something by learning from our mistakes. In NLP they say “there is no such thing as failure only information”.

One of my favourite kids’ stories is about a nativity play where three boys played the three kings. For some reason things got a little muddled and the kings greeted the baby Jesus in the wrong order.

The first king said “I bring you myrrh”, the second king said “I bring you gold”, and the third king said “frank sent this”. Kids are always willing to have a go!

Also featured in this edition, an exclusive in depth interview with internationally recognised teacher and trainer Tania Prince. Tania talks about TAT and how EFT helped her get beyond her own shyness. Tania also gives you ideas on how to get started and shares her thoughts about how you can improve and develop your delivery of the Emotional Freedom Techniques. We are blessed to feature two masters of EFT in this edition of EFT World with EFT Master Judy Byrne talking with me about how we need to work hand in hand in a complementary fashion with the medical world. Judy also offers advice and tips on improving your ability as an EFT Practitioner.

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