Reflecting on Your Childhood

“Our childhood experiences tend to establish the avenues we take through life. Some of us spend our lives stalled on Anxiety Avenue or WoeIsMe Way while others move freely along Success Street, Heaven’s Highway and Love’s Lane. Do you suppose our unresolved fears, traumas, guilt and other baggage-like emotions from childhood have any influence on which freeways we frequent. Of course they do. Our childhood experiences are written on our emotional walls and, depending on their quality, they become either “stop signs” or “green lights” as we move through life. Further, they have a way of reinforcing themselves and growing larger over time.” Gary Craig

How different would your childhood have been if you had known how to use EFT as a child? What events would you have tapped on? What difference would that have made to your life today? Just think about it.

I find these questions interesting to dwell on and indeed I have.

Try reflecting back on your own childhood and see if you can find a time or times in your life where you could have benefited from using EFT.

Then the next time you see a child who is upset, sad, angry or anxious consider the implications of teaching them to use EFT.

“What better time to introduce EFT to someone than when they are young? If we can relieve a learning disability, a fear or an ever present anger and thus change the direction of a child’s life by a mere 5 degrees, that shift in direction can mean the difference for some children between graduating from high school or dropping out. It can mean the difference between going to college or menial jobs. It can give some children the self confidence to say no to drugs and THAT, of course, is life changing.” Gary Craig

Change the life of a child by teaching them to use EFT routinely as a way of healing and soothing emotional upsets.

Angie Muccillo
Author of Tapping For Kids
Advanced EFT Practitioner
Melbourne, Australia

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