The TapMeister’s Top 12 Tapping Tips For Kids


These Top 12 Tapping Tips For Kids are part of the “Kids Tapping Survival Guide” a series of resources that complement the “Tapping For Kids” book and help support kids newly acquired tapping skills. Click here to buy the book.

Tapping Tip #1
The trick to feeling happy and calm is to tap on your “Happy Buttons” anytime you feel hurt, lonely, sad, nervous, worried or angry.

Tapping Tip #2
Memorize the “Magic Formula For Feeling Better” and practice using it everyday

Tapping Tip #3
Use your feel-o-meter before and after tapping to see how much your feelings have changed.

Tapping Tip #4
Tap on each tapping point or “Happy Button” about 7 times

Tapping Tip #5
“Tune in” to your problem and tap. Just think about it and tap.

Tapping Tip #6
“Play a movie” of your problem in your mind and tap. This is like making a Silent Movie of your problem and tapping while you play the movie in your mind. This is a handy tip if you don’t like to talk about your problems or don’t have anyone to talk to about your problems. This is a way of helping yourself whenever you need it most.

Tapping Tip #7
Tap on all the different parts of the problem like separate pieces of a puzzle

Tapping Tip #8
If after one round of tapping, you still feel some of the upset feeling, do another round of tapping. “Tune in” to whatever upset is still left and tap on that.

Tapping Tip #9
Whenever you finish tapping remember to take a long deep breath, filling up your belly until you see it expand! Remember this helps get your energy moving!

Tapping Tip #10
The number one trick to having high self esteem is to tap on and ERASE all the words, names and things people say to you that make you feel bad about yourself.

Tapping Tip #11
The number two trick to having high self esteem is to REPLACE these words by generating your very own words that make you feel good about yourself instead. That’s how you generate your own esteem.

Tapping Tip #12
Tap every night before you go to sleep. Just ‘tune in’ to anything that upset you during the day and tap on your happy buttons until you feel peaceful and calm and sleepy. You get a great night’s sleep that way and you wake up feeling happier and more energized.

Angie Muccillo BA EFT-ADV
Author of Tapping For Kids
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