Tapping Circles Start up Guide

This “Tapping Circles Start Up Guide” is part of the “Kids Tapping Survival Guide” a series of resources that complement the “Tapping For Kids” book and help support kids newly acquired tapping skills. Click here to buy the book.

An excellent way to practice tapping, get rid of your stress and share what you have learnt with others is to form a tapping circle.

What is a tapping circle?

A group of people (of any age) getting together with the purpose of tapping as a group on a shared problem or issue. A tapping circle may be a group of friends, neighbors, family members, a team, club or a class of students. For instance, you may decide to set up a tapping circle with a group of other students in your class who are worried about a test that is coming up or other players in your sports team – before and/or after a game to release nerves etc. You could from a tapping circle with others from your club or youth group.

Who can set up a tapping circle?

Anyone who has learnt how to tap can start a tapping circle by inviting their friends, neighbors, family, other students, team members etc

How do I set up a tapping circle?

Just put the word out! A tapping circle can be very informal. Set a time and place, such as at school during lunchtime and invite anyone who may be interested. You can put up a poster at school or you can just tell people.

How often and where do we meet?

As a group you may only meet once for a specific issue or decide to meet regularly. It can be for 15 minutes a day or once a week, it’s up to the group to decide.

What do we do in a tapping circle?

Here are some suggestions…

It’s a good idea to sit in a circle, so that everyone can see each other. Make everyone feel welcome.

Make sure everyone knows where the tapping points are. Start with just a round of tapping on all the points. You can bring along a “Tapping For Kids” Poster which shows the tapping points and how to apply the “Magic Formula For Feeling Better.”

One person in the group can lead the others through these steps…

Step 1: Pick a problem. E.g. test nerves

Step 2: ‘Tune in’ to the problem by thinking about it or playing a movie of it in your mind

Step 3: Rate the emotion using your feel-o-meters

Step 4: Say a set up like “Even though (I have this problem), I’m still a great kid.” Say this 3 times while you tap on your karate chop.

Step 5: While thinking about your problem, tap on your happy buttons starting from the Chimney Top all the way to the Tarzan thump.

Step 6: Rate the emotion again using your feel-o-meters.

Step 7: If your rating has gone all the way down that means you are feeling a whole lot better. If your rating has not gone all the way down, then just start again and keep tapping on what is left, until your rating goes all the way down.

REMEMBER no-one needs to actually say what their problem is if they don’t want to, but as a group you can come up with and write down a list of shared problems that the whole group can tap on together.

For example if there is a test that is coming up that you are all worried about, everyone can have a turn (if they want to) to say what is upsetting them. Some issues raised by the group might be:

· I feel nervous about this test
· I’m sacred I’ll run out of time
· I’m worried I’ll forget everything
· I hate tests
· I’m no good at tests
· I’m scared I’ll fail

You can then apply the “Magic Formula For Feeling Better” to each of these problems.

“Even though I feel nervous about this test I’m still a great kid and I choose to stay clam and relaxed”

“Even though I’m sacred I’ll run out of time I’m still a great kid and I choose to stay clam and relaxed”

“Even though I hate tests I’m still a great kid and I do the best I can”

“Even though I’m no good at tests, I’m still a great kid and I do the best I can”

“Even though I’m scared I’ll fail I’m still a great kid and I choose to stay clam and relaxed”

Other suggestions

You can also use the tapping scripts and audios from the “Tapping For Kids” book for your group if you choose.

From the book…

“So let’s say you are worried and scared about all the horrible things that are happening in the world and you know other kids at school who are feeling the same. You could all get together at morning playtime or at lunch and sit in a circle in the playground tapping on all your worries and fears. You could put all your worries and fears into the Big Green Recycle Bag and use the Worry Workout Tapping Script.”

Where can I go to for help?

Visit the www.tappingforkids.com kids tapping resources section for more information and resources.

Angie Muccillo BA EFT-ADV
Author of Tapping For Kids
Advanced EFT Practitioner
Melbourne, Australia

+61417 391 055