Tapping For Kids Guide For Teachers and Parents

If you are a teacher or parent interested in using “Tapping For Kids” as a learning tool, here is further information about the book’s structure and purpose. Click here for the book’s Table Of Contents.

Tapping for kids combines a series of sub lessons throughout the story that gives children a solid foundation and builds their understanding of EFT. Each level of the Healing High Rise presents a new lesson/concept and corresponding activity, rhyme and tapping script providing experiential learning in the benefits of EFT.

Here’s an explanation of the different sub lessons used in the book.

It all begins on the Ground Floor of the healing highrise..

On the Ground Floor of the Palace High Rise is the Energy Room where kids learn the fundamental principles of energy and the body’s energy system. An exercise in making an energy ball allows children to FEEL their own internal energy system and helps explain how energy travels through the body via meridians. Concepts such as “chi” and “meridians” are explained using metaphor and a poem to help children understand how negative emotions become stuck and can be released through tapping.

On The 1st Floor of the Healing High Rise is The Activation Room where the children learn to find and activate their “Magic Happy Buttons” using the magical wands at their fingertips.

Happy Buttons, boys and girls are special spots on your body that you can tap on with your fingertips…Happy Buttons can be used any time you want to turn unhappy emotions and feelings into happy ones! That’s where our Magic Wands come in veerrry handy!”

The “Happy Button Rap” is a rhyme to help children remember the EFT tapping points and is accompanied by illustrations to help children identify the location of the tapping points. The Happy Button Rap along with all the other rhymes in the book will be made available as audios so that children can listen to them and follow along. In a teaching or children’s group setting, the audio can be played while the teacher or group leader leads the tapping demonstration.

The Happy Button Rap!

“Happy buttons are easy to find
Once I know how
I can use them anytime!

The first spot to remember is the Karate Chop
Tapping with the side of my hand
I just let it drop!

To the top of my head
It’s The Chimney Top
I can let off steam
When I tap on this spot!

Onto the High Brow
At the beginning of my brow
Near the centre of my face
I get it now…

Next is the Sigh Brow
To the side of the eye
Where my brow ends
I can let out a sigh!

It’s time for the Low Brow
Just below my eye
When I tap on this spot
I feel a little high!

Under my nose
And above my lip
It’s an easy spot to tap
Can you feel the dip?

Now onto my chin
And below my lip
When I tap this spot
I almost start to grin!

The Tarzan Thump
At the centre of my chest
I can pound this spot
To feel my best!

When I slap with my palms
Under each of my arms
Do I look like a monkey?
Who cares I feel calm!”

Once the children have learnt the basics of energy and know where to tap, they move onto to the Dial Up Room on the next floor where their lesson includes making a feel-o-meter to measure the temperature of their feelings. This particular exercise was created by EFT Practitioner Eddie Brady. He was generous enough to allow me to use his inventive concept in the book. He has used it successfully with many children. You can visit his website at http://www.breakingfree.biz..

As they continue to move up to the higher floors, the corresponding chapters include a series of exercises or emotional “workouts” where the children put their magic wands to use by following specialized tapping scripts to “workout” their anger, worries and sadness. Creative exercises such as the “Big Green Recycle Bag Full of Worries” can be used as a regular class (or home) activity say once a week to allow children to release their built up worries. This exercise involves drawing or writing their worries on green worry tags that are then recycled. An accompanying tapping script is used with this exercise. Other exercises include an “Anger Workout” and “Sadness Workout.”

Before each “workout” the TapMeister asks the children to share what sort of things make them feel angry, sad, worried or afraid. This helps children who are reading the story to identify the types of issues they can tap on themselves. It also teaches children how to “tune in” to their problems, “an important trick of the tapping trade!”

Higher up in the Palace High Rise is a section on self esteem. In the Esteem Generator Room, the children learn how to become their own esteem generators. Following an explanation of self esteem and a comparison of the difference between low self esteem and high self esteem, the children are asked to think about how they feel when someone says something about them that makes them feel bad about themselves versus how they feel when someone says something about them that makes them feel good about themselves.

This lesson is about how to “erase” the “names” or labels that children pick up from people around them that can lead to low self esteem and teaches them a way to “replace” them by tapping on positive statements about themselves as a way of generating their own esteem rather than accepting the ones that have been written on their walls by others. Using a creative rhyming set up, kids can use this tapping script daily to really help their esteem “soar higher and higher.”

The Esteem Generator Rap is a poem used to help children understand how to build their own esteem from within, rather than accepting the negative labels imposed by others. This is a self empowering and healthy message for children to hear and practice. Practiced as often as possible this technique can help children maintain a healthy self esteem and positive regard for themselves, which in turn provides a solid foundation for entering the teen years and adulthood. Children can tap to this one.

The Esteem Generator Rap!

To help my esteem soar higher and higher
I will tap while I think about what makes me feel better
So when I feel down bout what someone has said
I turn on my Esteem Generator
And find better words
To fill up my head

I focus on what I CAN do
Rather than not
And I start to remember
All the things I am good at

“I am a great kid”
“I do the best I can”
“I am loving and caring”
“I know I am”

“I am beautiful and strong”
“And I love who I am”
“I am peace and calm”
“That’s who I really am”

The Practice Room is on the 7th floor where children are encouraged to put their inner powers into practice everyday.

“In this next practice lesson, you will learn that the real magic happens when you start to practice tapping everyday. The trick is to try it on everything! If something bothers you, then tap on it! You’ll be glad you did!”

It begins with “The Magic Formula For Feeling Better” which is a full step by step summary of the tapping process. Concepts raised in this chapter include an explanation of “problems as puzzles” teaching children to tap on all the aspects of a problem and encouragement to Try It On Everything! Other topics discussed include “Bed Time Tapping” , “Tapping on Teddy” “Teaching Others to Tap” and introduces the idea of setting up “Tapping Circles and Tapping Buddies.” All of these are strategies to encourage and promote daily use of EFT. These concepts could be easily built incorporated into a school tapping program

You can re-visit the Practice Room in the book as often as you like as a revision chapter and to reinforce the process.

In the final chapter the kids graduate from the Palace of Possibilities and are presented with a certificate and a parting gift – The Kids Tapping Survival Guide which is a pack full of resources designed to accompany the book and support continued tapping. A Graduation After Party sees the kids dance, laugh and sing, celebrating the discovery of their new found inner powers.

Click here to buy the book.

Angie Muccillo BA EFT ADV
Advanced EFT Practitioner
Author of Tapping For Kids
Melbourne Australia

+61 417391055

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